Key Server Differences (Need to know basics)

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PVE/PVP Combat

You, or anything else in the game, can no longer be killed or incapped via the mind pool. The Mind pool is used by players for healing, similar to mana in other games, therefore classes that deal damage to the mind pool can still negatively impact other players in PVP.
Swordsman and Rifleman adjust accordingly. Take this info into consideration before grinding your template.

Your H/A/M are permanently much higher than doctor buffs on most other servers. You can still obtain doc buffs, but they are not needed for 95% of content on this server. Entertainers don't need constant rebuffs nor do hand samplers.
You can self migrate stats anytime when out of combat.
Doctors generally buff 2k to health and action, and 500 to secondaries.
Entertainers give stat and xp buffs, clear BF and heal mind wounds.

Permanent buffs make it nearly impossible to use a tumbler or entertainer action burner to grind medical xp. Purchasing wounds from the War Terminal is the way to go (See War Terminal Section).

Solo groups are not needed to get high level missions. You can select mission difficulty and direction by activating the radial menu on any mission terminal.
You still get an experience bonus/harvesting bonus for being grouped.

Creatures are also affected by dizzy, and can be dizzied/knocked down for extended periods of time. Remember this info when you're out farming Krayt Dragons.

Retuss on Rori is a dedicated PvP zone, you will be flagged overt if you enter the spaceport there. There is a neutral shuttleport just outside of retuss for regular travel.
If you end up having a quest there during your jedi padawan trial, it might behoove you to change it while you're at the shrine.

Funtional Player Cities

War Terminal
Can trade CW currency for chances at High level PVE loot (Krayt dragon, Axkva Min, Fire Spider, etc).
Can heal all Wounds for 50k Credits
Can Heal all Battle Fatigue for 50k Credits
Can blackbar yourself for 10k credits, use this on an alt in conjunction with wound packs for fast and efficient medic leveling.

Dantooine Mining Outpost
Mos Eisley

General Crafting

Bespin port/Pyollian Cake, now provides a buff to crafting for a set duration (about an hour) , instead of expiring after a crafting action. No more full stomach while trying to make that perfect schematic!
Player made schematics can be made for 10k items max, up from 1k. Just make the 1k schematic as normal and once it's in your datapad, it will upgrade to 10k

Hand samplers don't need to run a macro or get buffs, just turn off AFK in your settings and hand sample.

Crafting station quality doesn't matter, only tool quality. Being near a crafting station affects weapon/armor repair.

Rancor Hides behave similar to Janta hides, but add condition to the armor as well. Resist do not get pushed into special protection, and rendered unable to be improved by slicing.
Krayt Scales behave in the same manner,giving much more condition than Rancor hides, but less armor effectiveness, making them viable in armor crafting.
Janta hides are still useful in the same manner, but are not as good as Rancor Hides.

Any Standard armor can be made with the same protection as Composite Armor, by using a composite armor segment during crafting. The only thing that makes a difference in the outcome of the armor is the quality of available resources for a specific armor type.
All resist Cap at 70%. During crafting, you can only experiment up to 60%. Once you hit 60% effectiveness during experimentation, dump the other points into encumberance or condition. After crafting, slice for effectiveness to reach 70%

Some recipes use different resources than what you might be used to, verify in game against galaxy harvester, so that you don't farm the wrong resource.

Added Black Market Armor Layers, Nightbrother Armor Layers (-mind encumbrance) and Beskar Armor Layers (-health/action encumberance).

Small buff to Nightsister Armor Layers, Nightbrother Armor Layers and Beskar Armor Layers

Some recipes use different resources than what you might be used to, verify in game against galaxy harvester, so that you don't farm the wrong resource.
T-21's only require 5 power handlers instead of 10.

Now costs 5 skill points.

Combat and Support Templates

Combat Medic
Due to different skill point requirements, Players can now master Combat Medic and a Melee Class at the same time. Poison Crafting is now done by doctors.

Smuggler has additional Medical use, Injury Treatment, Ranged Defense, Pistol Speed, and Pistol Accuracy. Eye shot has been added to Dirty Fighting 4 and Master Smugglers also gain Torso Shot.
Even with additional medical use, you still need at least novice medic to actually heal. You need the Heal Damage skill.

Smugglers can choose their preferred slice here, between damage and speed for weapons, and encumbrance and base effectiveness for armor. Choosing a stat to slice has a 5% penalty to the min/max of the final slice ie, if you choose damage slice on a weapon, the min/max range of the slice changes from 20%-35% to 15%-30%.
You can still choose a random slice for the normal slicing range.
Force sensitive skill in heightened sense-Luck, does affect slicing here. Having all 4 boxes of luck gives a 5% boost to the lower end of the slicing range. For example, if you choose a damage slice, with FS luck, the range changes fro 15%-30% to 20%-30% max.

Scatter Pistol, Launcher Pistol and DE-10 certifications have been added at Master Smuggler.

Now has ranged and melee mitigation throughout the build, mitigation 1 at novice, and mitigation 2 at master.
You need novice ranger to drop creature harvesters, and master ranger to craft them.
Creature harvesters can harvest otherwise unattainable creature resources, for example, Dantooine avian meat.
Foraging has been buffed, foraged foods have been buffed.

Creature Handler
Added mitigation at novice and master
Pets now have toughness
Added melee defense for the creature handler

Flame Throwers and Acid rifles do not have armor piercing.
Flamer Thrower specials have increased range and speed.
Commando has an action DoT, Acid single2/Acid cone2. Works with Acid rifles (?)

No Medical Use SEA's in game, plan accordingly
No more spamming heals without consequence.
Heals have a mind cost, which is determined by the medical use skill of the player, and the Medical use requirement of the actual stim/poison.
Having more Medical use stat lowers the mind cost of heals. Additionally, Experimenting the Medical use down during crafting, also lowers the mind cost of that product.
If you're a combat character with some medic, it help to test out different stims before finalizing your template. Janta blood stims are more valuable here as a result.

Medical XP grind is best done via the War Terminal.

Medium AP added to Ryyk blade, functions similar to a 1 hand power hammer, but kinetic damage.
Light AP on Gaderiffi baton, Rantok and 1 hand curved sword.

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunters have toughness, at Master.
Bounty Hunters Gain a skill at Master, which allows them to bypass saber block more often.
Bounty Hunters have a snare earned at investigation 3.
LLC Single 2 + Cone 2; Increased damage modifier, accuracy modifier. Hits Health and Action only.
Sprayshot/Confusion shot; increased damage modifiers, accuracy modifiers and increased chance to state.
Added Carbine/Pistol Accuracy
Added Unarmed Damage 25
Added Droid Speed
DE10 Certificate granted at MBH

Bounty Hunters Guild
Post Master Bounty Hunter skill trees have been added. This functions similar to the Force Ranking System, players can earn Investigation XP to progress in this optional system.
Added Terrain Negotation.
Adding massive boosts to droid tracking and targeting.
Adding various speed and accuracy buffs throughout, including melee professions. Opening the ability for fully ranked BH to open up their templates more.
At the higher ranks, additional BH toughness has been added.

Wildshot/Burstshot 2; increased damage modifiers, accuracy modifiers and increased chance to state. Wildshot2 hits action/health. Burstshot2 still random.
Crippling shot; increased damage modifiers, accuracy modifiers. Hits action only.
Chargeshot2 is now a nearly unavoidable KD

Block Chance Doubled

Training path
Cam only Learn 1 form+1 Mastery
Takes all but one skill point, so no hybrid builds here. Initiate alone requires 178 skill points
Training from Initiate to Padawan grants you a combination of skills from the old versions of healer, enhancer, powers, and lightsaber
7 forms, 5 are currently in game now (Juyo, Makashi,Shii-cho, Soresu, Niman).
4 Mastery (Defender, Healer, Powers, Sentinel).
Currently, no Force Run 2 in any Jedi Template.
You can check your own visibility at any bounty hunter Terminal.

Force Ranking System
A post Jedi Master skillpoint system. Allowing for further PvP based progression.

Jedi unlock
Standard glowy requirement+ AOTC special unlock badges (See jedi discussion channel for details)
Three day village phases.
Only need 4 complete Force sensitive columns filled, vs 6 on other servers
Lower Requirements for some crafting quests.
Decreased old man timers for both visits.
Jedi Trainers are on Yavin 4 for your respective faction (Light jedi=Republic, Dark Jedi=CIS). Shuttleports to both.
Shuttleport added to village.
Reduced XP requirements for learning skills at village, along with increased xp turn-in rates
Can turn in Jedi xp for FS xp.
Can drop and switch FS skills any time after finishing padawan trials, but must maintain 4 force sensitive columns. You will have 1 free skill point left after finishing your template. You can switch by picking up 1 FS box then dropping one. Repeat until you have learned your desired skills.

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