Restuss - PvP Zone

On Attack of the Clones, Restuss is now a fully functional PvP zone.

While all characters can fly into the Starport, neutrals will be kicked out of the zone and both Separatist and Republic players will be marked OVERT if they are not already. Neutrals will have access to two nearby shuttleports but will be unable to enter the city until choosing a side.

Restuss offers unique loot in the form of Restuss Commendations. Restuss Commendations can ONLY be looted in Restuss however they can be traded. So for non-pvpers, you will need to purchase these from other players. Restuss Commendations can be exchanged to the Shady Dealer (Outside Starport) for a variety of schematics and also can be exchanged for faction base turrets. The turrets have been removed from regular recruiters and can only be replaced with Commendations. This does not include the turrets that initially come with bases, just additional/replacements.

Restuss is also home to a handful of unique boss mobs. These are placed outside of the direct combat engagement areas and are designed to have highly valuable loot, encouraging players to enter the pvp zone for a chance at easy riches. This includes Cad Bane (the Opportunist), various Dark Jedi and their pets.

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