The Jedi Padawan Skill Tree is a collection of common base stats, abilities, and powers which all Jedi share and serves as you first step towards becoming a Jedi Master.

Powers & Abilities Granted

Melee Damage Mitigation 1&2 Ranged Damage Mitigation 1&2 Training Lightsaber Cert
1H Lightsaber Gen 1&2 Cert 2H Lightsaber Gen 1&2 Cert Heal Action/Health/Mind Self 1
Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Self 1 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 1 Stop Bleeding
Force Throw 1 Force Meditate Force Speed 1
Force Knockdown 1 Channel Force Force Run 1
Force Intimidate 1 Heal All Self 1

Stats Power Radar
Padawan-statsb.jpg Padawan-PR.jpg
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