Jedi Unlock

Unlocking Jedi

The AOTC server leverages a unique Jedi Unlock system. You may find beginning of your journey to glowy familiar, but rest assured, there is a twist!

To begin down your Jedi path you must first:


  • 3 Jedi Exploration badges
  • 5 "Easy" location badges
  • 2 "Hard" location badges
  • 5 Content badges

and master 1 profession of your choice

Once completed you must then complete the awakening of the Force within yourself.

The Force Awakens:

For every character created on the server, the Force will connect you to 7 particular types of enemies which you must hunt down and defeat in detail.

(*These enemies are randomly selected from an existing list of particular potential foes*)

Some of these foes may be weak and / or easy to find, some of them may be powerful and / or elusive. The only way to know is to explore the galaxy and seek them out.

(*The AOTC community maintains a list of candidates and their rough locations on our Discord server*)

Once you have completely destroyed your enemies the Force will provide you with one last task to fully prove yourself as worthy of a visit from a certain Old Man.

(*Timers for the Old Man and Sith have been shortened for convenience and predictability.*)

The Village

On AOTC, The Village phases run on a three day cycle.

FS Crafting Quests resource requirements lowered.

The FS XP requirements have been lowered on all boxes and you need only four lines (16 boxes) to graduate from The Village by facing Mellichae.

Once you have completed that task you will begin your Padawan trials.

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