Jedi Implementation

Custom Jedi Implementation

AOTC utilizes a custom Jedi implementation intended to provide both more viable and meaningful player choice as well as variety when compared to the classical Jedi system found across SWG servers.
All Jedi receive the same Padawan training foundation and from there one will select one Mastery (Defender, Sentinel, Powers, Healing) As well as one lightsaber Form (I-VII).
Each Mastery and Lightsaber Form have been custom developed by the AOTC team to provide unique and thematic experiences and all have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Your offenses, defenses, powers, and abilities are the result of these building blocks. This allows you to build and play a more realistic and theme appropriate Jedi within the Star Wars Universe of SWG.

Jedi Unlock

For information on the server's unique glowy progression system please visit the Jedi Unlock page.

Jedi Padawan

The Jedi Padawan Skill Tree is a collection of common base stats, abilities, and powers which all Jedi share and serves as you first step towards becoming a Jedi Master.
Next you will select your Jedi’s Mastery and Lightsaber Form.


AOTC makes use of four Mastery Skill Trees. Each Jedi will select one mastery to pursue. That Mastery’s stats, skills, and abilities will be added to your Jedi as it progresses to further refine it’s capabilities.

Defender: The classic Jedi Guardian foundation, the defender tree features increased defenses and powers to keep you in the fight longer as well as being more resistant to certain states and statuses.

Sentinel: The Sentinel Skill Tree offers increased offensive capabilities in the form of both Sentinel specific strikes as well as a universal damage increase.

Powers: The Powers Skill Tree is a custom creation featuring fully functional force powers across the board as well as a unique Force Power Regen mechanic.

Healer: As the name suggests, the Healing skill Tree focuses on healing and aiding yourself and others as well as removing harmful states, statuses, and wounds.


Unlike the classic Jedi Skill Tree implementation, on AOTC your lightsaber offense does not come as a penalty to your Jedi’s overall template it is an integrated component of it. AOTC seeks to feature all of the classically portrayed lightsaber Forms. These Forms dictate much of your skill and speed with your chosen weapon as well as featuring their own offensive and defensive strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and powers.

Form I: This is the oldest lightsaber form created during the transition from protosabers to true lightsabers. It features best in class defense from blasters and ranged attacks while being more vulnerable melee and lightsaber damage. It is a balanced 1H lightsaber Form with surprising AoE damage.

Form II: Where Form I was not originally intended for lightsaber to lightsaber dueling, Form II is. It uses a 1H lightsaber and focuses on strong single target damage using highly Force Power efficient strikes. Its defenses are primarily focused on limiting damage from melee and lightsaber wielding opponents.

Form III: This is the quintessential defensive Lightsaber Form. Its steadfastness is unrivaled by any other Form but comes at the cost of overall offensive potential. This 2H lightsaber Form also features extreme Force Power efficiency with its strikes allowing a Form III user to simply outlast nearly all opponents as they seek to breach its overwhelming defenses.

Form IV: Currently unavailable but will be delivered once it is completed to satisfaction.

Form V: Currently unavailable but will be delivered once it is completed to satisfaction.

Form VI: This Form was developed by combining the relative strengths of all previous Forms to eliminate any overt weaknesses. It is unique as, unlike most other lightsaber forms, it does not have any one defining strength but neither does it have any particular weaknesses. A true Jack-of-all-trades, Form VI is good (but not great) for any circumstances. This forms flexibility also extends to its use of lightsaber as it supports them all. If there was one unique trait, other than its extremely balanced disposition, it would be that this Form integrates uniquely with extra Force Powers that no other Forms feature.

Form VII: Some Forms seek to delicately balance offensive potential with defensive considerations, Form VII does not. Form VII is all about complete dedication to offense, defenses be damned. No other Form can rival the sheer ferocity and destruction Form VII is capable of, but it comes at a cost. While completely forgoing any semblance of defense, Form VII is also very Force Power inefficient as its users pour the Force into themselves to power this Form’s massive damage.

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