Form VII

Form VII


Some Forms seek to delicately balance offensive potential with defensive considerations, Form VII does not. Form VII is all about complete dedication to offense, defenses be damned. No other Form can rival the sheer ferocity and destruction Form VII is capable of, but it comes at a cost. While completely forgoing any semblance of defense, Form VII is also very Force Power inefficient as its users pour the Force into themselves to power this Form’s massive damage.

  • Eviscerate a lone enemy
  • Necessitates greater energy than form V
  • Vulnerable to counterattack and force powers
  • Supports use of 2h or Double-bladed sabers
  • Offensive form

Special Features: +50 Saber Mastery, Highest Damage, Lowest Force Power Max

2H Lightsaber Gen 3&4 Cert Double-Bladed Lightsaber Gen 1,2,3,4 Cert Heal Action/Health/Mind Self 2
Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Self 2 Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Other 1 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 2
Heal States Self

Stats Power Radar
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