Form III

Form III


This is the quintessential defensive Lightsaber Form. Its steadfastness is unrivaled by any other Form but comes at the cost of overall offensive potential. This 2H lightsaber Form also features extreme Force Power efficiency with its strikes allowing a Form III user to simply outlast nearly all opponents as they seek to breach its overwhelming defenses.

  • Developed to counter blasters
  • Maximum defensive coverage
  • Economy of motion, energy efficiency
  • Lack of offensive capabilities
  • Defensive form

Special Features: Defense bonus, Efficiency Bonus

Taunt Force Armor 1 Heal Action/Health/Mind Self 2
Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Self 2 Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Other 1 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 2
Heal States Self

Stats Power Radar
Form-III-stats.jpg Form-III-PR.jpg
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