Form II

Form II


Where Form I was not originally intended for lightsaber to lightsaber dueling, Form II is. It uses a 1H lightsaber and focuses on strong single target damage using highly Force Power efficient strikes. Its defenses are primarily focused on limiting damage from melee and lightsaber wielding opponents.

  • Focused saber to saber dueling
  • Relies on precision and efficiency
  • Weak against ranged opponents
  • Specialized in fighting single opponent
  • Offensive form

Special Features: Defense bonus, Efficiency Bonus

Fourth Gen 1H Lightsaber Cert Heal Action/Health/Mind Self 2 Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Self 2
Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Other 1 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 2 Heal States Self

Stats Power Radar
Form-II-stats.jpg Form-II-PR.jpg
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