Form I

Form I


This is the oldest lightsaber form created during the transition from protosabers to true lightsabers. It features best in class defense from blasters and ranged attacks while being more vulnerable melee and lightsaber damage. It is a balanced 1H lightsaber Form with surprising AoE damage.

  • First original lightsaber form
  • Not intended for saber to saber combat
  • Improved Blaster deflection training
  • Specialized in fighting multiple opponents
  • Balanced form

Special Features: Force Serenity, Ranged Mit 3

Third Gen 1H Lightsaber Cert Ranged Damage Mitigation 3 Heal Action/Health/Mind Self 2
Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Self 2 Heal Action/Health/Mind Wounds Other 1 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 2
Heal States Self Force Serenity 1

Stats Power Radar
Form-I-stats.jpg Form-I-PR.jpg
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